Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Update - On the way to Maine

We take the two day trip to Maine. This time, we stopped by our hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut to show Little Miss where we grew up. We had lunch at an old favorite spot. Then, we drove by where I used to work. We were a block away from where we got married, but we turned before we got to that block and forgot to show her that. After, we took her past my middle school and second place I worked and then she fell asleep before we hit my old house. She was in deep sleep when we drove by Husband's house.
We had some quiet time in the hotel before we went for a quick bite for dinner. Then, Little Miss spent the night in the pull out sofa all by herself. She looked so small in the big bed and started to look all grown up.
The next morning, we got a box of Munchkins for the quick ride to Maine. It was overcast the entire trip which made for a nice little nap.
Once we got to Maine, we did hit the beach for some quick fun. It was overcast, but that didn't stop the kids from enjoying the sand, the rocks at low tide or just running around.

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