Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vacation Update - Boardwalk Fun

The highlight was the ferris wheel which she was promised. The second time, she also rode the ferris wheel, but I did not have to ride twice which was nice. I used to love it when I was younger, but it's a little more terrifying riding with your child sitting next to you and wondering about all the things that could go awry. Little Miss loved the Boardwalk so we went twice. The first time, she played one carnival game and rode on a handful of rides.
The second time, she played the carnival game again and won her cousin a stuffed toy. She also got to watch fireworks which was a big thrill for her.
She also got to ride the carousel again which is another favorite. Unfortunately, the woman working the ride wouldn't let us go on with her unless we gave double the tickets whereas earlier in the week, Husband was allowed to go on with her for free to make sure she was safe. It's also the rule for kids 5 and under. So, Little Miss went on by herself. Another woman went on and made sure she was all situated. Luckily, she wanted to ride in the cart portion so it was relatively safe and safer than riding a horse by herself. You can see she didn't give riding by herself a second thought.

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