Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Days

Yesterday was the unofficial first day of school. Little Miss the official first week of school so this is our first week of school. She got up very early (for our house) and had some father/daughter bonding time while they watched some cartoons. Then, Husband makes her a nice breakfast (waffles yesterday and French Toast today). Then, he gets her ready and dressed. If you're asking yourself what I do, I get myself ready and lay out her clothes and pack her backpack the night before. I also handle homework, any forms and administrative stuff. We both remind her of Show and Tell (which starts this Friday!)
When she returned home, she was so full of energy and excited. She even talked about her day briefly which is huge for her. Usually, there's radio silence. We set her up to do her homework.
She has a little homework book in which she practices the letter of the week - upper and lower case. Then, she chooses pictures that start with the letter of the week from magazines and cuts and glues them into the space. This week was the letter M.  She came up with the words Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mommy, Moon, Mail and Mary.  She did a great job with the capital M, but the lower case m was trickier.  Also, she likes to write on the upper part of the lined paper, still taking up half but the top half.  I'm not the teacher so I let it go.  It'll happen eventually.

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