Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update - Our Fashionista

It was a fast, low-key weekend. On Friday, we did grocery shopping before Little Miss came home. Then, we just kind of hung out the rest of the evening. Friday, I came home with a little treat for Little Miss - butterfly wings. They've been on her person all weekend.
On Saturday, Husband woke up with Little Miss and then I got up for breakfast. Husband went golfing while Little Miss and I walked to the library. Little Miss picked her own outfit while I showered and got ready. She picked her Jets shirt ("Because I love the Jets!") and then matching pants. Except they were pj pants. She had her dress up shoes on, but we changed to sneakers before leaving the house. After the library, we came home, ate lunch and took a nice, long nap which was much-needed for both of us. After, Husband came home and rested as he wasn't feeling well. Little Miss had dinner and went to bed and then Husband and I relaxed on the couch.
On Sunday, Husband woke up with Little Miss while I lounged a bit. Then, we had breakfast together. After, the three of us picked up Brother-in-Law for some water ice at Rita's. Then, we dropped Brother-in-Law back off home while we head to my parents. Little Miss did her homework and then played with Nephew while I helped organize my stuff for an upcoming tag sale for my parents. We had dinner there and then head home to do bath and bedtime.
That concluded another weekend. It was fun though Little Miss's emotions were at the extreme all weekend. Her original looks are all documented here. She does have a unique sense of style.

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