Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekend Update - My Girl Wants to Party All the Time

Last weekend, we had a quiet Friday - grocery shopping and couch time. On Saturday, Husband woke up with Little Miss and then drove to New Jersey for a hockey game with friends. So, Little Miss and I had a good relaxing morning and then went to a birthday party. After the party (above with her cousin), we went back to the birthday girl's house for some play time. Then, we drove home to beat the bad storm. We had a very quiet evening as it was a no nap day for Little Miss and she was exhausted. 

On Sunday, we slept late (well, late for a toddler). We had a big breakfast. Little Miss and I shared 3 eggs and cheese (though she ate the majority of them). Then, Sister, Nephew and Sister's Boyfriend came over. We were going to a baseball game, but the weather was awful so we opted to go to the mall where we had lunch and the kids played. After another no nap day, Little Miss fell asleep in the car, but she woke up when we got home because Husband was coming home. So, homework, bath and bed (our usual Sunday routine) went down and ended another weekend. 

Not much planned for this weekend so hoping to have another nice weekend.

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