Tuesday, May 1, 2012


NOTE:  I used some old photos - some oldies but goodies.  I also should mention that, in both photos, Little Miss took the makeup out of my purse and, each time, that was how I found her.  I now keep my makeup locked in a cabinet and keep very little in my purse. 

I never wore makeup as a kid.  Maybe it's because I had little desire to.  I wore it for dance recitals and don't have fond memories.  Little Miss, however, is all into the makeup.  I don't let her wear too much (part of the reason is below).  She knows she can't wear any eye makeup and can't wear any lipstick that's too dark.  She'll pick up a tube and ask "is this color for little girls or is it too dark?"  She's really only allowed to put on a clear gloss (mostly because she still puts on lipstick like she did in the picture below).

So, every morning, she has to put on her makeup with me - lip gloss, blush (which is really dabbing the brush in the blush and dotting her cheeks with practically empty brush) and powder.  I rarely wear powder so I think it's funny she has to literally powder her nose before we leave for preschool.  On the weekends or special occasions, I will put a little shimmer/glitter on her, but that's for parties or Halloween.  It's true.  They grow up so quickly.