Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movies Watched in May 2012

  1. The Change-Up
  2. Life As We Know It
Slow month. I am still watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix Instant Play. I did continue to watch Sherlock as series 2 started (and ended) on PBS. However, as for new movies, kind of a piddly little month. The less said about May’s viewing, the better.


Shoshana said...

Looking at your list, April, I'm starting to think I'm a movie watcher on steroids!

princess apr said...

I know you do see many more than I do. I usually average slightly more than that, but I've been watching a lot of TV on DVD. Also, I didn't go to the theaters once this month which is unusual. I don't see a ton of movies, but I try to see at least one - and there were a lot out this month I wanted to see! Just a busy time, I guess.