Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend Update - The Weekend That Was Not My Birthday

Two weeks ago, it was not my birthday.  On Saturday, I feel like we did something in the morning, but I don't recall what that was.  In the afternoon, Husband, Little Miss and I went to the driving range where Husband taught Little Miss how to putt and hit the golf ball.  She liked putting because the ball went into the hole, but she liked the driving ranged because the ball went really far (well, hers didn't, but she did get to whack it hard at least).  After, Husband went out to the driving range with grown ups while Little Miss and I had an evening at home.  I actually cleaned which was badly needed.  Then, I watched a couple of movies and relaxed.  Little Miss collapsed into bed.
I made Little Miss carry her own clubs, but it didn't last long. They're a little big, but I wanted the picture. At first, she didn't take instruction well, but with a little positive reinforcement and then followed by a little break, she did very well.
On Sunday, Husband went golfing again for his birthday.  Little Miss and I met him out in Fairfax so we could celebrate Nephew's birthday and Husband's birthday.  We met my parents at my sister's house where we had some dinner, cake, and hung out.  It was a good night.  Then, it was the end of the weekend!
Above are the birthday boys!
Above are the kids looking happy and cute and humoring me for "one picture".

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