Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Warm Fuzzy Thoughts

This isn't a gratitude post or even a big thank you post, but it's kind of a combination of all the good things I was thinking this morning. Not many mornings start by thinking positive thoughts.
  1. Thinking back to when I was pregnant, I thought it was incredibly thoughtful for people to give up seats, hold doors, let me ahead of them in line.  I still get this a lot, and I think it's also because I'm three apples high.
  2. I love people who let the woman with the toddler holder herself between her legs go in front of them in the restroom.  Anybody with a potty-training toddler knows how crucial this is.
  3. My Starbucks app wasn't installed this morning and taking forever to re-install and load.  In the meantime, I was just prepared to pay cash.  However, the woman next to me offered to cover my breakfast and drink.  I thanked her, but I could cover $3 - if I couldn't, I don't belong in Starbucks to begin with.
  4. The other Starbucks note is that, in my technology-challenged state, Starbucks said they could work with me if anything ever happened to my app.  I had the cash so it wasn't a huge deal.  I don't need my little star that badly.  (If you go to Starbucks 15 times, it tracks on the app or your Starbucks card and you get a free drink.)  Still, I love the employees of that location.  They're very sweet.  The Starbucks by my apartment also gets some credit for seeing us run in there with a toddler holding herself and opening the bathroom door ahead of time for us.
  5. I love that Buzz Bakery has Splashdown every Wednesday and Sundays where they have a bubble machine, beach balls and cheap food for the kids.  It also has a bar, but I wasn't there for Happy Hour and forgot that it has a bar.  I did buy a Thin Mint Rice Krispie Treat though.  The kid has really enjoyed herself, and it's a nice local thing to do with her.
That's all for now.  I think it's so easy to complain and whine that it's easy to not take the time to be happy or thankful or grateful.  I'll be back to my miserable self soon, I'm sure.

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