Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Update - The Lost Weekend

I lost a weekend in here. Last weekend, Little Miss and I stayed over my parents' house to spend time with Nephew and my grandparents. My parents had to say goodbye to their cat that day so it was very sad. I included some of my favorite pictures of Toby.  I don't have my favorite of Toby putting up with a Santa hat on his head though.  He was probably the softest cat I've ever felt.  He was a good boy and very good with the kids.  Little Miss did get on his bad side a couple of times, but she also poked him the eye so I call it even.  It helped to have the kids play together though as our Nephew was pretty upset.

On Saturday, the kids woke up at an ungodly hour. They had breakfast and then played. We left a little before lunch time. Then, Little Miss area giant lunch and took a very long nap. In the evening, I met bookclub for drinks and dinner. I got home in time to see the NY Rangers win Game 7 against the Washington Caps.

On Sunday, I got to sleep late for Mother's Day. Then, Husband and Little Miss made me breakfast and gave me a pretty and sparkly necklace and matching earrings. Later, Little Miss and I took a long nap, ate lunch, and then went to the playground. Dinner, bath and bed to end the weekend.

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Donna said...

Sorry to hear about Toby.