Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Update - Memorial Day

Last Friday, we went to Little Miss's school concert. Her last official day was last Thursday, but the Tuesday/Thursday class could participate in the concert on Friday. The kids did a lovely job. Little Miss just stood there and occasionally clapped her hands.  Below is a photo from the little reception after the concert.
On Saturday, we drove to Deep Creek Lake for a beer festival.  There were also activities for the kids.  One of those activities was a Sno-Kone which Little Miss LOVED.  She amused many with her blue face, teeth and shirt.
We had a cookout Saturday night and all went to bed pretty early.  On Sunday, we went to the lake where the kids had fun in the sand and sun.  Then, we went back to the house where the kids played a little baseball and then got into the hot tub to play.  The heat is turned off in the summer and it's like a little pool.  This is the first year Little Miss was tall enough to reach the bottom.  She's growing so quickly!  You can tell from the picture that she absolutely adores her cousin, too.   She followed him around all weekend and did everything he did and said everything he said.
On Monday, we went to the white water rafting portion of the Wisp resort, but the water was drained.  However, the kids had fun in the tiniest little puddles.  Below is a photo of Little Miss and me.
So, good weekend had by all.  (Also, for non-related, grown-up fun, Husband and I saw Hangover 2 on Friday.  We had a lot of fun.  I think the movie was on par with the first one.  Yes, it was more of the same, but we went in with that expectation.)

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Shoshana said...

It's unbelievable how fast Laura grows. She's so pretty!