Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 is a Fun Age

I keep telling myself 3 is fun, and it is. Little Miss is turning into a person. There are conversations, singing, joke-telling, running, jumping, all sorts of things. However, her fears are also taking shape though some are convenient fears. For instance, sometimes, she's scared of the dark when it's bedtime, but sometimes, she's not. "I can't go to bed," she'll say. "It's spooky in my room." Yeah, I don't buy it.

Anyway, today, she was on the couch. We were ok on time, but I could see she was about to hit a wall and stop getting ready. So, I was trying to push her to keep moving. She curled her legs up on the couch and said "there's a bug on the floor". Now, there's no bug on the floor. I told her, if there was, I'd be right up on that couch with her. Of course, this is why she's scared of bugs - because she's seen me absolutely freak out. So, I told her the bug couldn't hurt her (especially because it was imaginary). All she needed were her super shoes. So, I put on her shoes and told her no bugs could hurt her now. She looked at me, looked at her shoes and jumped off the couch to go brush her teeth. Sometimes, kid logic amuses me. Just not when she can't go to bed because her room is spooky.


Brandi said...

I bought a spray bottle, filled it with water, and slapped an official looking label on it that said "Scare-away Spray." When Amelia says she's afraid of something, or is afraid to go to bed, she can spray the spray wherever she thinks it's needed. We keep it on her bedside table so if she wakes up scared, she can spray it. It's worked really well for years.

april said...

I would, but I have a spray bottle in the bedroom to help me iron and she's a disaster with it. I know I'd end up with a big wet spot or moldy spot without knowing. She has a mini lantern that seems to work well enough for now. I would also work harder if I knew she was really scared, but most of the time it's a ploy.