Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Update - First Movie

I took Little Miss to her first movie last Saturday. She really wanted to see Cars 2. Husband had the car so we took the train. She got fruit snacks and got very excited. She watched the previews and, towards the last preview, crawled up onto my lap. As the Pixar short film began, she fell asleep - and slept through about half of the movie. She did wake up and enjoyed the second half. She talked quite a bit about the movie for the rest of the weekend so all was not a waste. After the movie, we walked from Courthouse to Clarendon. She played at the playground and then we went to Metro back home. Except the Metro was packed. So, I decided to walk home. It's not a big walk, but it's a distance I usually drive and most who read this blog knows my severe allergy to exercise. Still, Little Miss enjoyed it (of course she did, she was in a stroller).
On Sunday, we all woke up early. Husband had an early tee time. Little Miss was very mad at him for leaving. Then, Little Miss and I went to church to see a friend's baby get baptized. It was a beautiful day. Little Miss was a little tired and hyper from being overtired, but she was no worse for her age group, I suppose. We came home around naptime and both took a nice, long nap. Then, there was dinner, bath and bed. Nice Sunday if I do say so myself.

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