Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update - Social Butterfly

Very few photos from this weekend as well. I slacked off this month after vacation. Let's see. On Friday, I read. I finished the book club book and then I watched tv (I cleared out 3 entire shows from my DVR during the last week). On Saturday, Little Miss and I had a pleasant day. We woke up and got ready. My parents came over for brunch where I made Baked French Toast with raspberries and blueberries. Then, Little Miss took a nap and spent the night with the In-Laws. I met my book club at Maggiano's to talk about the book, Eat Pray Love. Then, we all went to see the film. It was a super fun night. On the way home, I picked up some ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, and I've been eating it ever since. Little Miss did help me a little yesterday. I plan to eat the rest tonight perhaps. It's amazing how long a small lasts when I take it home.

On Sunday, I slept late which was glorious and finished a book. Then, I showered and got ready to pick up Little Miss. We tried a nap, but it was unsuccessful so we had to go to a friend's surprise party with no nap. She was a tad bit restless to say the least. So, after cake, we head home. She slept all the way which made the night a little off-kilter. She had a bath and then had some dry cereal for dinner and then went to bed. A half hour later, she stood up and said she was hungry and wanted an egg. So, I made her an egg which she didn't eat because she said she was tired and went to bed. After not strangling her, I settled on the couch to finally watch fast-forwarding through the Emmy's. I agree with many of the blogs and articles out there. It may not have been the best Emmy ceremony, but I was glad new faces were granted Emmys and to see the new faces act like they genuinely appreciates the recognition. However, I would have liked it if Friday Night Lights won something on the big night. (Funny sidenote: I told Kyle Chandler "I love you" when he flashed on screen and a tiny voice from a back bedroom replied "Love you" back. I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't talking to her but to her imaginary daddy.)

And thus ends August. Seriously, where did this year go? It's like a science-fiction film where time just is sucked out by a giant wormhole by a dying alien race. Also, good news - Husband is en route home after being in New Orleans since last Tuesday. I plan on celebrating by sleeping and not worrying about every little noise in the apartment.

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