Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And to Think, He's a Press Secretary!

Husband is a Press Secretary. His job, it bears repeating, is to create statements for other people, important people. My retort is how can he speak for other people when he can't speak for himself! Case in point:

Years ago, I bought a halter shirt. I debated returning it, but I never did. One day, I go to wear it, and Husband asks if I was going to wear the outfit I had on. I said I was (which is why I was wearing it). So, already he's in trouble, but he continues on to say that the shirt made me look "wide". Wide, folks. Though I appreciate being told something is less than flattering, "wide" should never enter the conversation. Needless to say, I took the shirt off, put it in my drawer, and didn't let it see the light of day until a couple of weeks ago.

I wore the dreaded shirt and didn't feel wide at all. Someone actually said they liked it when I got to work. I took a picture that morning just so I could blog about it, and even after looking at the pictures, don't think I look wide at all. Yes, Little Miss has rain boots on. At least they sort of matched her outfit (and it actually did rain that day so it worked out this once).


Anonymous said...

I can't really see the picture b/c its too small and my eyes are too old, but wide? Really? Not good, Husband. Not good at all. And not true, either. You have never, and will never, be wide.
- Your wide friend

a. said...

NOT WIDE AT ALL!!! You look fabulous!

Donna said...

love the dress
love the color!