Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation Update - Rides

Last summer, Little Miss rode on one or two rides - the cars and the carousel. She was, at best, indifferent. This year, she got to ride with her cousin who took time out of his roller coaster riding to ride the baby rides. They had a blast. Little Miss thoroughly enjoyed herself and, when Nephew went on a ride without her, she wanted to go on so badly. She's going to love them when she's a little bigger. She fell asleep before Skeeball this year, but last year, she did throw the ball a bit. None of the balls made it down the lane, but she had fun. This year, she fell asleep in the stroller and my dad brought her back home to bed. In her defense, it was after 10PM. We let her stay up late to see the fireworks which she absolutely loved. You couldn't tell by her face while they were going on, but she talked about those fireworks for days afterwards. Oh, and just a sidenote, Nephew was being very silly. He wasn't unhappy or sick.

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MrsErinS said...

Laura looks so happy in that picture! love it.