Monday, August 2, 2010

First Pedicure

First, it's important to know that Little Miss has always been good about having us cut her nails. Even yesterday, we cut her fingernails. Then, we touched her foot and she went berserk. I mean, absolutely batty. There was screaming, crying, running, hiding. So, we tabled the idea.

Tonight, I took out the clippers again and the whole routine started again. I tried brute force, but she's strong and I was afraid I'd cut off a toe if she kept squirming. I also didn't want to hurt her. Finally, she let me file her toenails, but that wasn't working on the very long nails. Then, after a bit of negotiation (because she wouldn't accept bribes - seriously, would not take candy if it meant I would cut her toenails), she allowed me to cut her toenails if I painted them. She got to pick a color. She first picked silver and then two toes in, changed her mind. So, I painted the dark pink over the silver. Here is the finished product:
She seems to really like them and was patient enough to let them dry (though it helps it is a little before bedtime). This is after a morning where she informed me she wanted to wear black. Forget the teen years, I won't survive the toddler years.

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MrsErinS said...

Awwwww too cute!!!