Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Update - We Hate Delaware

I mean, seriously, Delaware. Maybe it's a Napoleonic complex or something, but Delaware is evil. It took us almost 8 hours to get to Connecticut and half of it was spent in Delaware. Craziness!

Regardless, when we got to Connecticut, we went to Panda Pavillion to recreate our first date (plus one, of course). The Panda Pavillion we first visited in Westport closed, but we found another in Greenwich. We had dinner, spent a brief night in Trumbull and head out early the next morning to Maine. Also, for some reason, I think
Dunkin Donuts tastes better in New England. Oh, I need to mention that I actually complained at the hotel. It was a great hotel. We've stayed there before, but this time, the hotel hosted a wedding. The children across the hall had no or little supervision and just ran screaming down the hallway, slamming doors. I didn't say anything at 7PM or 9PM, but when they woke me up in the middle of the night, I had it. I called the front desk and complained. Me. I've eaten the wrong sandwich before so I didn't have to complain. I was very angry.


Anonymous said...

I hate Delaware, too. No words for how annoying it is to drive through that state regularly . . . particularly since you're driving through the smallest part of it!

MrsErinS said...

deleware is the worst state EVER. i hate it with a passion usually reserved for republicans ;)

totally agree about DD being better in new england!!