Monday, August 30, 2010

Books Read in August 2010

  1. A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl (NOTE: This is Book 1 of a new series about the York siblings.)
  2. Hot Finish by Erin McCarthy (NOTE: This is Book 3 of the Fast Track series. The book order can be found here.)
  3. Insatiable by Meg Cabot (NOTE: It appears this will be the first of a series as well. I don't know much about the series, but the second book is expected Summer 2011.)
  4. All Tied Up by Cathryn Fox (NOTE: I imagine this is part of a series, and you can check the author site for more info. The book was free so I haven't looked too much into the other books yet.)
  5. Overheard by Maya Banks (NOTE: This is Book 2 of a series though I don't think the books have to be read in order, and she doesn't even list them on her website as connected.)
  6. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  7. When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck (NOTE: This is book 1 of the Shadow Keepers series. Book 2, When Pleasure Rules, and 3, When Wicked Craves, will be released in September and October.)
As always, the books that link to an ebook were read on my nook and the books that link to a physical book were read on paper. Vacation this month and a lot of business so mostly quick reads. I will warn that Overheard is quite explicit so I wouldn't go reading that one unless you're prepared. All Tied Up is, but though it looks more risque, it's not as explicit and mostly just a short story, a quick diversion. The others were more standard romance novels excluding Eat Pray Love which was for book club. There will be a separate post about When Blood Calls.