Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update - I'm TIRED!

On Friday, my parents picked up Little Miss for the weekend for some spoiling. I met Husband and his co-workers (and later their significant others) at Bullfeathers for Happy Hour. Then, we walked to the Nationals game. It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I had friends come in from out of town (and some from in town). We had brunch at
IHOP and then we went into the city for some sightseeing. We saw the American History and Natural History Museums. We saw the WWII, Vietnam War, Lincoln, Jefferson and Iwo Jima Memorials. We also had a nice dinner at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. After I was dropped off, I was sleeping moments later.

On Sunday, my friends and I met for brunch before they got on the road. I head out to my parents' house to hang out. Sister and Nephew were also there. Little Miss and I took a little nap. We had dinner and then we head home. Although the weather was overcast and rainy all Saturday, Sunday turned out to be quite nice. Above is Little Miss on her new-to-her tricycle.

It was a busy but fun weekend. Next weekend should be equally as busy and fun, but instead of trekking across the city, we'll be having company which means cleaning the apartment. If I was ashamed at how awful the place looks, I'd totally take a before and after photo of the apartment's state. Let's just say it'll go from being untidy and dirty to being tidy and clean.

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