Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out of my Shoe Comfort Zone

In February, I bought new shoes. Coincidentally, I'm wearing them today. Anyway, when I bought those, I got a $10 coupon to the store. So, I went back yesterday before the coupon expired. The store doesn't usually sell my size (4) so I don't frequent very often, but sometimes the next size up runs small. Yesterday, I continued to shop the clearance rack and picked up the pair pictured above except in black. They are totally out of my comfort level, but they're super comfortable. They were $129 marked down to $70 and I went home with them for $34. I was hoping to get one more wear out of them this year, but the weather turned warm again and they're suede. However, it is supposed to get chilly again this weekend so I'm hoping I can squeeze one or two wears in before storing them for the summer. New shoes make me happy.

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