Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Update - Happy Easter!

Last Friday, we took the day off and drove to Deep Creek Lake. We arrived mid-day on Friday and hit the ground running. As soon as we parked, Nephew greeted us with his bike sans training wheels. Little Miss was glad to be out of the car and ran around. Then, we took a drive to the lake and fed the non-existent ducks. We then drove to Wisp Resort to walk around. It was wild being in the snow and in flip flops.

Little Miss slept very poorly Friday night so we were a bit sluggish on Saturday. Still, we went skiing... in t-shirts and jeans (Husband golfed in the meantime). It was wild. We only skiied a couple of runs before we gave it up because it was too hot and there were only a couple of trails open. After, we went home.
We dyed eggs with the kids which was not as disastrous as it could have been. I'm not sure any of the eggs made it through the process without cracks, but the kids had fun. Later, we rode the mountain coaster which was different. Nephew loved it. Thankfully, Little Miss slept much better that night (though it did take some time for her to fall asleep).

On Easter, we got up for sunrise service. Husband and Little Miss stayed home. After church and breakfast, we went home. We hung out for a little while and then went to the hotel to play in the indoor pool before heading home to get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. It was a mad free-for-all, but the kids each got 2-3 eggs and were content. We went back to the house, had an early dinner and then drove home. I had a monster headache so mostly just went to bed. Also, unfortunately, the Easter Bunny arrived late so none of the presents arrived early enough for Easter morning, but Little Miss did receive some presents and a ton of presents from the Grandparents. Easter evening, she received the rest of the presents. The Easter Bunny better get his/her act in gear next year!

On Monday, Husband and I both took the day off so we had a lovely day with Little Miss. We mostly hung out at home. Husband made us a yummy pancake breakfast. Then, Little Miss and I took a brief nap while I slept off the remnants of my headache. Little Miss and I took a walk and then we hung out at home some more. She kept me company while I changed her closet over to summer and tidied up the apartment. It was a really nice evening before returning back to work.