Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This! Is! Jeopardy!

If you do not watch Jeopardy! regularly, the game show usually has a Celebrity Jeopardy every season where celebrities compete for money for charity. It's also a time where the show dumbs down the answers so even I can get a few correct. Plus, I get to mock celebrities who are dumb so it's win-win for me. This year, they shook things up a bit. Every month, there would be a Celebrity Jeopardy episode, the best of the best celebrities of the past. Starting this Spring, the celebrities are back to play a semi-final and final round. The winner of the entire competition gets $1 million for the charity of his or her choice. Last month marked the last of the competitors. I am bummed that Andy Richter cannot compete as he was really smart and did incredibly well.

Anyway, here are the final celebrities and their charities:
The celebrities and their charities:
Jane Curtin (U.S. Fund for UNICEF)
Neil Patrick Harris (Food on Foot)
Jane Kaczmarek (Clothes Off Our Back)
Cheech Marin (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)
Michael McKean (International Myeloma Foundation)
Isaac Mizrahi (Good Shepherd Services)
Pat Sajak (Vietnam Veterans of America)
Charles Shaughnessy (1736 Family Crisis Center)
Harry Shearer (Common Ground Relief)

You can find more information in
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Teble said...

I watch Jeopardy every chance I get. Love it, but my favorites are the teen tournament and the celebrity tournaments.