Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Toy

After Christmas, I used all my gift cards and purchased a nook or an electronic reader. I had my reservations. I mean, I do love actual paper books, and I will still buy them. However, I liked the idea of saving space with the eReader. My poor overstuffed bookshelves like to share the load, too. I know a lot of people have the Kindle and are very happy with it, but I've always loved Barnes & Noble and shop there more often than Amazon.

So, after a week with the product, I will say I'm happy with it. I did a lot of research before purchasing so I know it is not a perfect product. I also did have some glitches in the beginning - one resulting in calling customer service. Everything was quickly resolved, and the operators on the phone were very friendly and patient. Since then, there has been an update to the software, and I have had no issues at all.

It is very easy to purchase eBooks, perhaps too easy. You can do this online or through the device itself, and the book(s) show up instantly. I've found the prices very competitive. There is a slight discount when compared to the paperback prices, but the real savings is in hardcovers and bestsellers. Plus, a lot of the Barnes & Noble classics are only 99 cents. So, this may result in more high-brow reading for me.

On a superficial note, I do like that I can upload pictures as my wallpaper and screensaver. I can't get enough photos of Little Miss! It took me a little bit to get used to the touch screen, but it's easy to manuever. The other criticism is the delay in turning pages, but I found that when I get to the last line, I turn the page. By the time I finish the line, the new pages appears. I will agree with the criticism that the battery is not as long-lasting as it could be, but I believe it does last longer if you don't continuously buy books and/or use the network. Also, it doesn't take long to charge at all. So, overall, I'd say it's a decent first generation, and I'm happy with my purchase even though it took me a little time to adjust to not holding an actual book. I do like that it only takes one hand to read so I can read while waiting for a pot to boil or standing in line at the grocery store while the mad hordes prepare for a winter storm or waiting for the car to be inspected. I'm actually finding, because it's so easy to read everywhere, that I'm reading quicker, too, and I expect to be able to read more books than I have been which is nice because I have not been pleased with my numbers of late.


Me said...

Wow! I want one so bad. Trust me working at the store and getting to play with it whenever I want has me foaming at the mouth to purchase one for my very own. With all the snow in our area, I cracked and bought a bunch of ebooks on fictionwise...check it out they're having a sale... and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a nook instead of using my laptop.

Oh, I know you also shop at Borders (boo;P) but have you heard that books a million is looking to buy them out and then close the borders stores? Just some info we get as the competition....

Miss you! We have to do something soon.


princessapr said...

I did check out fictionwise. I checked out some cheap titles. Some titles are cheaper on B&N, but good to know. Thanks!

I actually don't shop at Borders as much since they opened B&N at the mall. I only go to Borders when they have signings because they have more good signings than B&N in general. I can't stand Books a Million though.

We do have to do something. I was going to invite you to see a movie (I had free passes), but then the snow hit. We'll have to get together once the big thaw comes. :)

Good to hear from you!