Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexy Friday

This is the month of Valentine's Day so this month's theme is stars from film opening today. The first is a woman who has escaped Sexy Friday... until now. I can't say I'm a huge Jessica Biel fan though I've seen her both on tv and film, but she does have a crazy in shape body and always looks so put together even when doing an arduous hike up some big mountain. However, I want to see her in the upcoming A Team. Her Sexy Friday counterpart is Justin Timberlake who doesn't do too much for me, but I do think he's funny which makes a man sexier in my opinion. His appearances on Saturday Night Live are always a highlight of the season.


Brandi said...

I have a seriously inappropriate crush on Justin Timberlake.

MrsErinS said...

oh hello, justin. yum.