Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update - Food Glorious Food (and Family)

First, all the photos in this post are from yesterday.

Last Friday was a quiet night. We mostly just hung out. Husband fell asleep on the couch while I read.

On Saturday, Husband got up with Little Miss while I slept in. When Little Miss woke from her morning nap, I woke up and got ready. After lunch, Little Miss and I went to my parents' house. We hung out there for a little bit before running some errands. We hit up
Babies R Us for some random items for Little Miss and then went to the used bookstore. Little Miss and I then dropped Mom off and she took a nap while I drove home. We went to the grocery store, had dinner, and then she went to bed while I read and thought about cleaning. Husband had a guys' night and came home after I went to bed.

On Sunday, I woke up with Little Miss despite a raging headache. When she went down for her morning nap, I did, too. Husband woke up with her after the nap. We relaxed for a bit while my headache went away (with some medicinal assistance) and then we cleaned and started preparing for our feast. We had Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law for some Asian and Asian-inspired food to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We made
egg rolls and bulgogi and ribs basted with duck sauce while Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law made sushi, fried rice, and salad with the yummy Japanese restaurant dressing. We had a bit too much food, but the good news is that we now have leftovers! After they left, I painted my nails and went to bed. Onto another week, the last week in February, can you believe it?


MrsErinS said...

mmmm i'm hungry all over again! that was one delicious feast :)

Little Miss was too cute for words in that outfit!