Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update - Highs and Lows

Last weekend had its highs and lows. On Friday, we had a quiet night at home. On Saturday, we woke up early and bundled up to go to the zoo. Tai Shan, the "baby" panda, is leaving this week to live in China. Husband acquired tickets to view the baby when he was truly a baby years ago so it was only fitting we be there to say farewell to him. We had a good spot to watch. The crazy blizzard conditions made the crowd smaller than we expected. Little Miss didn't care too much, but she did say "panda". Afterwards, she led us straight to the gift shop (don't know where she got that from). She perused the entire store and chose a ball. So, we caved and bought it for her along with a t-shirt. Then, we went grocery shopping and home. Saturday was a quiet night.

On Sunday, I woke up an hour earlier than I expected because a certain Little Miss changed my clock without my knowledge. I went to bookclub where we chatted, ate and briefly discussed the book. It was a nice girls' afternoon. On the way home, I got into a teeny accident. Everyone was safe. It was a miscalculation on my part, too, which was fantastic. It was very minor and everything, so far, has gone smoothly. I was taking my left and didn't realize there were two lanes took the left. My next move was to take a right and, when I merged into the right lane, didn't realize there was a car there because I thought he had to go straight. He did not. So, that put a damper on my afternoon and even took away my excitement of going to
Target. I still went to Target and bought something for Husband. After, I went home and sulked - though seeing how happy Little Miss was to see me made me happy. We had a good family night, the Grammys and bed.

Oh, last weekend, when Husband and Little Miss took out the garbage, I replaced the bag as per routine. Little Miss came running back, took a bag from the cabinet and started shaking it so she could replace it. We had to break it to her that it was already done. So, last night, when the garbage was taken out, we let her replace the bag. For about 15 minutes, she struggled to open the bag and replace it in the trashcan. I finally took the bag and replaced it against her will. I think she'd still be there trying if she had her way. A short video clip below of her attempt.


MrsErinS said...

HA! that video was too cute :) I knew children were brought to us for a reason...they can do chores! hehe. I'm glad all was ok on sunday, you had me worried when we hung up.