Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Update - Presidents' Day Weekend

Friday was a lazy night. It was our first work day in a week so we were exhausted. On Saturday, we got up and went to western Maryland to spend the long weekend with my family. Sister and Nephew were already up there with my parents. The first day, we all went out to play in the snow. The above photo is how high the snow is with Little Miss as a yard stick. It was a lot of fun and snowed the entire weekend we were there.My mom has a little tree in the corner that acts as a Christmas tree, but she changes the decorations monthly so it's a Valentine's Day tree this month. We always try to take a photo of the kids in front of it. This was Take 3 and included bribery. We mostly watched the Olympics and hung out which was nice and relaxing.When we got home on Monday evening, Little Miss took a nap as soon as we got home (around 4PM). She slept briefly in the car when we left around 11AM. At around 5:30PM, I left to meet a friend and came home around 9:30PM. Little Miss had been asleep the entire time. I woke her up when I got home so we could change her diaper and feed her something. She spent the first half of dinner sobbing. Seemingly nothing would set her off, we'd get her calmed down and then she'd just start sobbing again. So, I took photos and videos because that's what I do, and it makes it a little easier to sit through the sobbing. Above is a photo of all sorts of lovely bodily fluids. Now onto the 4-day work week where I have to catch up from the last week.


MrsErinS said...

Ohhhh the crying face is just killing me! how can she be so miserable and so cute at the same time? :)

Sanna said...

That's a huge amount of snow! The kids had fun with it, huh?

I am a very impatient person, so these throbbing session were pretty hard for me. But she also looks very cute. :o)

Love and hugs, Sanna