Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well, 9 Months Isn't a Bad Record...

... for becoming weird, crazy, first-time parents.

Baby has been tugging and pulling at her right ear for about a week. I mentioned it last week. Plus, In-Laws noticed it last weekend. She has also been very clingy and needy. On Sunday, we couldn't put her down or she'd cry. This is very unusual for her. She's very independent and stubborn so it's rare when she acts like she likes us. Even last night, she woke up at 2AM to have some cuddle time. She came into our bed and fell back asleep at which point Husband placed her back in her bed. So, we made an appointment to visit the doctor. We really like our pediatrician. She never makes us feel like we're silly. Plus, everyone in the office always gives Baby plenty of attention which she loves.

We bring her to the doctor today. It turns out that she's healthy. She either has teething aches and tugs on her ears because she believes that's where the pain originates or she likes to just play with her ears.

So, we're just crazy first-time, nervous parents.


Naomi said...

You're not crazy. Baby was acting out of the norm. It was a good thing to bring her in. And I'm glad she's healthy. Here's hoping it's just mild teething pain or she's just playing with her ears. And hopefully she'll be back to her wonderful independent self soon. *g*