Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh, Poo!

Literally. Baby has a stomach bug. She's happy. She eats and drinks. The only noticeable difference is that, once a day, she poos in mass quantity - through her diaper, her clothes and whatever is underneath her. She's done this for about a week. The laundry is crazy.
The above photo was taken while I was cleaning the couch. Well, I was taking the photo. Right before, I was cleaning the couch. I was using paper towels to clean up a huge mess. I look over and Baby had unraveled most of the paper towel roll and begun to eat it. She was sitting in a mound of paper towels. So, I snapped this photo instead of having my temper snap. Oh, did I mention that I was also sans pants because I had to immediately put those in the laundry as well? That's why her face is all trouble. The photo below is how she looked moments later. Making a mess must be tiring.

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Naomi said...

Poor April and poor Baby! I hope she's feeling better and that you and Husband are recovered. It's no fun to be sick. No fun at all.