Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ups and Downs

Day Three was overcast. However, it didn't rain as it did the day before. Still, we didn't want to trek to the beach only to have the skies open up. So, we all walked "Downtown" to the pier where there are carnival games and rides.

Nephew played Skeeball for the first time. He made two baskets in the kiddie basketball game. However, the best part was the trip to
Dairy Queen. I got the Peanut Buster Parfait. It was yummy, but I would have preferred more ice cream and less fudge. The ratio was a bit off for me. Still, yummy!

Baby was exhausted by the end of it all. Plus, everyone did everything they went
down there to do. So, we all headed back.

When we got back, Husband wanted to go to the beach. It was partly sunny. So, after getting Baby all ready, I met him down there. Baby had fun though she wasn't in love with the ocean that day. The air was chillier than it was the day before so she was less amused. Because it was a last-minute trip to the beach, I had forgotten a dry outfit for her to wear after she got out of the water. So, we bundled her up in a towel to create a little Baby Burrito.

Later that night came the down part of the day. Baby was a little fussy and extra clingy. We all thought she felt hot. So, I took her temperature with the
pacifier thermometer. We rarely use this so I doubted its accuracy when it read 101.9. So, I took her temperature twice more and got 102.5 abd 102.7. I still thought it was broken. So, Husband went online to find out when stores closed so he could buy a real thermometer. The pharmacy closed at 10PM (it was a little after 10PM). The grocery store closed at 11PM. So, he grabbed the car keys and headed out. The real thermometer still read 102.5. So, we called the pediatrician. She told us everything is probably ok. Baby got some Tylenol throughout the night. By 11:30PM, she was cheerfully babbling and ready to party. The next day, she was fine. It took us longer to recover.

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