Monday, August 18, 2008

The Plane! The Plane!

I had a little anxiety over flying with Baby. I did not want to be the annoying people with the infant. So, we had toys - both new and old - pacifiers, bottles, and 3 family members. We were ready for anything.

At first, Baby didn't want to settle down. She wasn't fussy. She just didn't want to sit still for Husband or me. So, she went to Sister. They pulled all the information in the seat back in front of them and acquainted themselves with the emergency procedures in case of a water landing. Then, Baby had a bottle. She had some of a second bottle while the plane started moving.

Baby enjoyed staring out the window. She and Sister watched the plane pass the terminals and other planes. Baby was very into watching the world move by.

Then, shortly after, Baby curled up in her aunt's lap and fell asleep. Not much after that, Sister fell asleep, too. Husband and I had time to chat about what could go wrong with the landing and prepare for that. We took advantage of beverage service and then the flight was over. Luckily, the first flight was only about an hour long.

Baby slept through the landing completely, only waking up after we were on the ground. Then, she stood up, looked at the people on the plane and thought they were all there as an audience. She giggled and smiled and chatted to everyone. It was kind of cute. We exited the plane and got ready for a car trip to Maine. Luckily, Baby isn't too bad in the car so no worries there.

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