Monday, August 18, 2008

Connecticut - Part 1

When we got to Connecticut, we went straight to Nana so she could see her Great-Great-Granddaughter. It was the first time she met Baby. It was great to see her with the baby. She, of course, held her (with some support just in case). We spent a little time with her before our drive to Maine.

We don't see Nana very often so it's always great to see her as much as we can especially because she hadn't met the baby yet though she did have photos. She seemed in good spirits or was in good spirits after being surrounded by all of us which is nice to see.

As it was Baby's nap time, she held out as long as she could, but she ended up just sacking out. It was a busy morning for her. Plus, her defense mechanism with crowds is to just fall asleep. So, she just looked around, rubbed her eyes, and fell asleep. Husband liked it because he got to find a quiet corner and sit with her.

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