Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Milestone!

Today, Husband and I were both under the weather. So, we were sluggish and barely competent enough to handle watching Baby. So, imagine our delight (yet exhaustion) when we found Baby like this after a nap. She has stood in her Pack 'n' Play, but it was always pretty shaky. She had yet to master the crib because of the bars.

So, all day, her new trick was to stand
up holding anything - couch, walls, dishwasher, doors. As soon as we put her in the crib, she stands and cries. As soon as we put her on the floor, she crawls to the couch or wall and stands. We're giving her a couple of weeks until she's running (all over us).


Sanna said...

Wow, you're back and you've been such a busy blogger! Now I am updated with all holiday and after stuff. Looks like you had a great time abroad. Your little girl is too sweet.