Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Connecticut - Part 2

On the last morning, everyone was a bit sluggish and reluctant to leave. Nephew was very sick. He had a high fever and slept most of the morning, cuddling with one family member or another. Baby took a little nap herself. However, it is family tradition to take a photo next to the flag outside the cottage. This year was no different. Aunt is missing from the photo as she snapped it.

So, one more trip to Maine came to a close.

After we left Maine, we drove back to Connecticut where Baby got another dose of great-grandparents and more time
with her great-great-grandmother.

Our flight home was exciting. We got to the airport and were told our flight was delayed indefinitely. There was aircraft maintenance, and they weren't sure how long it would take. So, our flight was changed. Meanwhile, while all the paperwork was being completed, Baby had soiled herself. This was actually a good thing as her system wasn't up to par most of the trip. However, she ended up staining her clothes and her car seat. So, that wasn't good.

The worrisome part of changing planes is that Sister, Husband and I weren't sitting next to each other. So, I had baby duty all by myself. Luckily, she spent the second plane ride as she did the first. She had a little snack, looked out the window and then put her head down on my shoulder and slept.

So, we were glad to be home (except the flu - both regular and stomach - was a bad welcome wagon).


Shoshana said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

Have you noticed the baby's poop stain almost always never come out?