Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sanna inspired me...

It is not a birthday or an anniversary, but Husband and I have been like a well-oiled machine lately. Except for procrastinating and not cleaning the house (on my end, not his), we've cooked really yummy meals, taken turns watching and playing with the baby. Everything has just gone really smoothly. Of course, the optimist that I am, I keep waiting for that shoe to drop. Anyway, it got me thinking about our wedding. First, I should apologize for the quality. Sanna inspired me to try to take a photo of a photo (as I don't have a scanner). These are the photos that came out the best. Darned flash!

Here we are at our rehearsal dinner. It's so weird because I don't feel that much older (though I am 8 years older!), but I look so much younger. Husband doesn't look too nervous about the next day! I kind of felt that the rehearsal didn't really help prepare us at all. I remember still being super confused.

Here is my dress. I really loved that dress. It's very plain. It was just a scoop-neck, short-sleeved dress. It had beading at the waist, but it had a really pretty hem. It was all scalloped lace. It cost as much as the dress to get it altered though. White on white is very difficult to show in a photo though.

Here is a couple photo. It's totally posed, but I always liked the photos where you can see the dress all fanned out. Plus, my church was always so dramatic with the red carpeting. I liked the posed pictures a lot because of that. My attendants wore hunter green which I chose because of the red of the church. These things are very important!

Anyway, 8 years later and still going strong. Well, 8 years in October. I guess I'm jumping the gun. We'll see if I remember our anniversary this year. I tend to get the date wrong a lot.