Friday, April 4, 2008


Charlotte A. Cavatica: Templeton, haven't you ever heard that good things come to those who wait?
Templeton: No. Good things come to those who find it and shove it in their mouth!

I watched
Charlotte's Web tonight - the 2006 remake, not the original cartoon. I did miss the musical numbers. I did shed a tear or two, but I didn't find it nearly as sad as the original. It actually reminded me more of the book than the cartoon though.

Speaking of the book, I bought the book last December. It was an anthology of
Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan (my favorite). I like to think it's an investment for Baby, but it was for me. It was a bargain book anyway. You can't start great literature too soon. Baby is pretty quiet when I read to her which is promising. It'll be interesting to see what interests her.