Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Husband got a new job! It's been a long journey, and he's more than ready to leave his current position. So, in order to celebrate, I stopped by Starbucks this morning. I am rarely running close to on time, but this morning, the gods smiled down on all of us. I got my Strawberries & Crème drink and a cinnamon twist. A victory for one is a victory for all. Yay for Husband! He deserves some good news and something positive.

Sidenote: What is it about Starbucks and its whipped cream? It's super yummy! I mean, Husband made whipped cream before for me, and it tasted good, but this is so rich and creamy. I could eat it with a spoon. You know, if my finger didn't work so well. OK, yes, I know the fat makes it taste so good. Whatever. Thanks for ruining my little taste of heaven.


Me said...

Congratulations to the Boy! I am sure you are happy that he will be happy to leave. And yes, the fat is what makes the whipped cream so good. FYI- the b&n cafe uses a different whipped cream which I think tastes just as good and it is only half a calorie or smthng just as tiny. Aren't you glad I told you about the non-coffee fraps? The strawberry and cream is so good.

Shosh said...

Congratulations to your husband finding a job! That's great news.

I think Starbucks has secret ingredients...why else would people line up faithfully at the drive-through near me and would wait in line for over 30 minutes for coffee. Seriously!

Congrats to your hubby again.

Just Say These Words

Unknown said...

I congratulated you already but this kind of news deserves many many congratulations!

I hope Husband fits right in to the new position and it is full of all good things!

OMG, love the Strawberries & Crème from Starbucks. Hmmm, perhaps I should get one on my way home...