Friday, April 11, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

Well, sort of. Baby started eating solid foods. We use the term "solid" loosely here. I hinted at this on the last page of my scrapblog.

I should start from the beginning. She watches me like a hawk when I eat ice cream. So, last Monday, I put my spoon of Cherry Garcia to the left and then to the right. She followed it with her eyes. I put it close to her mouth to see what would happen, and she opened her mouth as if to taste. I pulled my spoon back because she's not supposed to have ice cream yet and because I don't share my ice cream. Her face fell like I just squashed her dreams. I felt horribly. So, we decided to mix up some yummy rice cereal.

I fed her the first bite. She ate it cautiously. She did chew and swallow really well though. The taste and/or consistency didn't exactly please her. She had an odd look on her face as if she expected the sweet goodness that is ice cream and got wallpaper paste instead.

Husband fed her the second bite. She really wasn't into it much, but I think it's also because we tried to feed her too late. She was really tired.

Last night, we tried again. She ate the entire bowl. Keep in mind, the bowl is only about 1TBS. At this point, the eating is more for practice, but she's like an old pro! She opens, chews, swallows. I suspect she may be doing it more for the attention. We applaud her every biteful. She'll start to love it more once we incorporate yummy food. That rice cereal looks and smells nasty (well, it's more the formula with which we are mixing it than the cereal itself). Here's chunker with the portion of food she did not want to swallow.


Unknown said...

Go Baby Girl! Solid food is a huge accomplishment.

And I don't share my ice cream, either. I don't care how cute the nieces are. I don't share. *g*

Shosh said...

Now, there's that happy baby face.

Eating real baby food is a nice hurdle to get through before they get too picky.