Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rise and Whine!

Actually, first, I should say that my title was a typo, but upon second thought, it fits perfectly.

Baby is a great sleeper. She always has been. We had to move her bedtime to earlier because she would sleep until 10AM at least. So, now she goes to bed between 8:30PM and 9PM and wakes up around 12 hours later. The last couple of days, however, she's been waking up at least an hour earlier than usual. I'm not actually sure what time she wakes up because it's earlier than my eyes open. Husband brings her into bed with where she talks loudly and pokes at my face and pulls at my hair until I wake up. I usually open an eye to look at her, and she'll give me a huge grin. This morning, however, she was just fussy from the word go. So, I fed her breakfast and then she was down for another nap by the time she usually wakes up. She was just so exhausted. You know what cures exhaustion? Sleeping later! Gah.


shoshana said...

I remember those poking fingers til I get up. When they can talk, I love it when they ask, after they pull your hair, poke your eyes, and maybe hit you in the head with their tiny fists, "Are you awake Mommy?"