Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Update - Where Are My Forest Creatures?

So, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we just cleaned.  We found a home for everything and cleaned up almost everything.  A bug hit our home so Little Miss and Husband weren't feeling well, but we made do.  Little Miss went to the In-Laws' apartment for some cookie decorating and a sleepover.  She wasn't feeling well in the morning, but she perked up by the afternoon.  We spent the entire weekend cleaning - tidying mostly.

Also, there was a lot of sleep.  It would be much easier if woodland creatures did my cleaning.

We hosted my parents for Thanksgiving.  I had a half day of work on Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday off.  On Monday, I left work early so I was all set to go to Doctor Who airing in 3D IMAX.  I met a friend to see it, and it was worth it.  On Tuesday, I had the morning off to see Little Miss's Thanksgiving show.  The kids were super cute.  The weather was horrendous - cold and rainy.  On Wednesday, I head home after work in the cold and rain to do the last of the cleaning.

On Thursday, Little Miss and I woke up to play some games, and then she helped me make the veggies and cranberry sauce.  Then, we did the last of the cleaning.  Dinner was pretty good with the family and we've been gladly eating leftovers ever since.

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