Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 18

Week 18 is ridiculous! We're just shy of halfway through. The baby is the size of a sweet potato according to this. Typically, the baby could be yawning, hiccuping and the like. This makes sense because Little Miss hiccuped her way through her first ultrasound video. This little one is already active based on previous peeks in there. Lots of kicking (whereas Little Miss was more of a roller than a kicker). 

I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy tops and pants (with some cheats), but it's a close fit. I may be able to get some more wear out of anything with a little give, but I think I'm in a final countdown to when my button-down blouses get packed away. I'm lucky that I never got high blood pressure or any swollen feet or ankles. I'm hoping to be as lucky this time. I haven't gotten any epic bloody noses this time which is nice. Overall, no complaints. Oh, if only a woman could live in the second trimester forever. 

I go to the doctor on Friday for a check up.  I'd like one check up where things go smoothly.  I don't think that's too much to ask, but the little one disagrees.  We should get our 20-week ultrasound/sonogram appointment as well which is exciting as it's been a whole month since we got to peek in.

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