Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break - Quick Trip

So, while it was getting warmer in northern Virginia, it was getting warmer in western Maryland where we went last weekend. On Friday, we had plans to get Little Miss's haircut, but we ran out of time when we hit traffic. So, instead, we just drove out to western Maryland with my parents. Little Miss stayed up late and enjoyed the time with my parents and the solo attention she received from them. On Saturday, she built the smallest snowman ever. She was going to go on the mountain coaster, but it was closed to help a panicked rider off and then closed before we could ride. We had a nice lunch and then all went to bed fairly early.
On Sunday, we woke up to ride the mountain coaster. Little Miss LOVED it. She loved going fast - which I do not. She rode twice with my dad and once with me. Then, she decided she wanted to go snow tubing. So, the four of us went a couple of times before eating lunch and heading home. It was nice to be able to play in the snow while it was so mild and warm outside. This marked the end of Spring Break. Sad, but we had a great week off. We're all struggling a little to get back into the routine this week!