Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekend Update - Round Up

Let's see.  I'm many weeks behind on my updates.  

March 23 - March 24.  We can't remember anything.  It looks like I read a book and watched a movie.  I think it's safe to say we did nothing.  We may have gone grocery shopping and tidied up the apartment which seems to be the weekend default.  So, nothing else warranted space in my calendar.  I do remember we dyed eggs - according to my camera.
Easter weekend.  On Saturday, I met friends for lunch.  Both celebrated birthdays so we met and then did some shopping.  I took advantage of Old Navy's dress sale and bought two dresses and a pair of shorts and a cute vest for Little Miss for like $1.  The vest was $1.  Everything cost a bit more.  After, we went to the Inlaws' to celebrate Easter.  On Sunday, we opened presents that the Bunny left, had a mini Easter egg hunt, and hung around. 


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