Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break - New York, New York

The Monday after Easter, the three of us drove to New York. Husband miscalculated our departure time so we got held up in Washington Nationals traffic, but Little Miss was a champ during our 7 hour trip. We barely made it to our seats before the puck dropped at Madison Square Garden. However, because we were running late, we also had to eat in the stadium. On the plus side, we were in time to see the first goal. Little Miss was thrilled to sing the goal song and screamed whenever the Rangers scored. She had a blast. She was alert the entire time and cheered at all the appropriate times. She ate well and, as I keep joking, probably ordered the only milk Madison Square Garden ever served. I'd like to say we enforce a lot of milk drinking, but she's picky with her liquid intake and she polices herself nicely. She knows milk goes with lunch and dinner and will order when out for those meals. Tuesday, we had a nice lunch at the Husband's favorite restaurant. Little Miss was well-behaved for how snooty it is. Then, we got on the road for a long trip back as we hit DC rush hour traffic. 

On Wednesday, Little Miss and I met a friend in the city whose sister and nieces were in town. Little Miss loved playing with the girls even though I don't think any of the Air & Space Museum sank in with them. At least they had fun. She rode the carousel and had ice cream. Good day. Then, to top it off, we met Sister-in-Law at her work. She was nice enough to drive us home, too, so we didn't have to sit in rush hour on the train on the way home, too. I will say someone was nice enough to give Little Miss and me his seat though. Thursday, we had a relaxing day, much needed for all of us.