Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do You Let Your Kid Win?

Well, it's a tough question.  It was raised by an author I follow on Facebook.  I don't want Little Miss to lose all the time and lose morale when she's learning games and rules for the first time.  However, I don't want her to think everything comes easily.  Luckily, at this age, most of the games are games of chance.  We haven't quite made it to strategy building yet.  

The answer is a big gray.  I don't necessarily let Little Miss win.  If I see I may win quickly, I may not play my best move, but I won't let her win.  If it's a game of chance, there's not much I can do though.  You play the cards, literally, dealt to you.

The key is that we choose games that she needs to work on or that she mastered.  For instance, she tends to lose Candy Land by chance.  However, she rocks Memory.  It helps that I have little to no memory.  

The lesson is to be graceful.  Whether she wins or loses, there's no temper tantrum or outburst.  She is asked to shake hands and say "good game" though sometimes it's a little more forced than other times.  She's a much better winner and loser than I am.  I am such a poor winner yet quite a graceful loser.  I'm sure that says something about me.