Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Fourth of July

This is quick.  Little Miss was picked up on Tuesday and spent four days with my family in Maryland.  She rode the paddleboat, went to the lake, and splashed in the hot tub.  She had a cookout with neighbors and had a great time with my family and her cousin.  

While she was out of town, we went out with friends on Tuesday night.  We did happy hour, dinner and a movie.  We stayed out past midnight.  It was downright crazy (for us).  On Wednesday, we spent time at the pool with a friend which was perfectly relaxing.  On Thursday, I met Sister-in-Law for dinner and then we went to see The Hunger Games at the second-run theater.  Then, on Friday, I picked up Little Miss from my sister.  

We did pretty well being away from Little Miss.  She did great being away from us.  I think, for us anyway, it would have been more difficult if she had been away for a weekend.  Her absence would have been more noticeable.