Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Hot Hot Hot

Last weekend, we had a lot planned. On Saturday, we babysat Nephew in the morning. Even though it was the hottest day this summer so far, I took the kids on a (very) short walk to the fountains where they proceeded to have a blast and cool off. Then, we took the shortest nap in history before going to the Inlaws' pool. It's too bad because Nephew and I were totally sacked out on the couch for a full 5 minutes before we were asked to move. It was so hot the pool was lukewarm and not much relief. Still, the kids were adorable and couldn't have been happier. Little Miss imitated her little cousin and started jumping under water. Previously, she didn't like getting her face wet. So, big strides in the water this summer. We did take out for dinner and it was delicious.

On Sunday, I drove a friend to another friend's new house. We had planned to see Magic Mike, but it sold out so we saw a substitute. It was a great lunch and relaxing friend time. It's so easy to get busy, and it's nice when we all have time to get together for low-key fun (lunch, movie and ice cream - what's better than that?)

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Donna said...

So glad to read that all of you survived the storms, heat and power-outage. Little Miss is getting so big--what a wonderful thing!