Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Update - Family Fun

Two weeks ago, we had a very busy weekend. On Friday, Little Miss had her first trip to the dentist. Mixed results. She did have cavities despite our vigilant brushing. The dentist reassured us that we were doing everything right, but we've also made some small changes to our routine to prevent more. She goes again in September to get them filled. Anyway, she did great at the dentist until the fluoride, but even then we got it done.
After the dentist, we had a quick lunch before the pediatrician. It turns out Little Miss has a couple of tiny warts. They come and go, but they're almost always behind her knee. The doctor said they would come and go and we could remove them, but it probably wouldn't be a Little Miss-friendly procedure so just go with them until they bother her. After that, we took the train into the city to visit Husband at work. Little Miss loved it and loved meeting all his co-workers. After this, Husband went home while Little Miss and I went out to my parents' house to meet up with my uncle, aunt, cousin and parents. Little Miss was a trooper with no nap.
On Saturday, we had a restful morning until Nephew's birthday party. He turned 2! Time certainly flies. Little Miss had a blast being the biggest kid there and the only girl. Plus, there was cake.
On Sunday, Little Miss and I woke up and had breakfast with Husband. Then, we took the train into the city to meet Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and my parents. We walked to the MLK Memorial in the high heat. I've never seen the memorial and thought it was a nice one, but the heat was stifling. We took the train back and then drove out to my parents' house again to have dinner. It was a long weekend but full of fun and family.

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