Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update - Trick or Treat!

On Friday, we cleaned the apartment, and I did some prep work on food for Saturday. On Saturday, we had one of two birthday parties for Little Miss. My family and friends came over. We had lunch and then opened presents and then had cake. The photo above is what Little Miss wore for the first part of the party. I wanted her to wear a birthday hat she has. No such luck. I suppose I should be lucky she wore her birthday shirt.

On Sunday, we had a nice family breakfast. Little Miss and I made a quick trip to the store. We both had a nice nap. Then, at 3PM, I had to wake Little Miss from her nap so we could head to my parents' house for a Halloween party and trick-or-treating. She was Snow White and her cousin was Dopey. She walked from house to house for hours and was a little trooper. This is the first year she's gone trick-or-treating. So, at the first house, she walked right in. After about 3 houses, she got the hang of it. She slept in her Snow White costume last night and is still wearing it today. I think the holiday was a success!

10-31  Snow White and Dopey posing for the papparazzi

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